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Apartment for rent in Masteri Thao Dien – The beautiful apartment for foreigners

Thảo luận trong 'Nhà Đất - Bất Động Sản' bắt đầu bởi tuongvu0511, 31/1/18.

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    Apartment for rent in Masteri Thao Dien
    – The beautiful apartment for foreigners
    Apartment for rent in MASTERI THAO DIEN – The best place for foreigners

    Masteri Thao Dien apartment is an iconic property development in the east and the city as a whole. Notably, the project connects to An Phu station of Metro Line No. 1 which links Ben Thanh Market in District 1 and Suoi Tien Park in District 9. This is a plus for Masteri Thao Dien apartment as it will make it convenient for home owners to commute to the downtown area. When the metro line begins commercial operation in 2018, it will only take seven minutes to reach District 1 and 17 minutes to Tan Son Nhat International Airport. District 2 has seen robust development in modern services and urban development in recent times as a result of steady investment flow.

    Masteri Thao Dien apartment for rent has diversified layout and types of rooms for customers to choose based on their different needs. Especially, each apartment is equipped with different furniture but a common point of each one is that it is designed according to modern European style and maximum advantage of apartment flat. Apartment area is also quite flexible to fit all objects, from the couple to family. For apartment of 02 bedrooms with full furniture and modern furniture, the rent fluctuates only from 750 dollars, in comparison with the utility and the service here, this may be considered an extremely reasonable price. Therefore, Masteri Thao Dien apartment is really an ideal place for you to enjoy life.

    Covering over eight hectares near Hanoi Highway in Thao Dien Ward, the most developed area in the eastern part of HCMC with many foreigners, businesspeople and high-ranking officials residing, Masteri Thao Dien apartment has four blocks of 42 floors and a Vincom Mega Mall occupying 100,000 square meters. The project offers dream homes for high-class people thanks to their sophisticated designs and vast greenery.

    Moreover, Masteri Thao Dien Apartment for rent meets the needs of natural living closing to a green living space which is located in THAO DIEN area where like EU village in Ho Chinh Minh City with so many experts, foreigners living. Besides enjoying value of life granted by nature, you can enjoy a beautiful natural painting from the romantic Saigon River.

    These advantages will help Masteri Thao Dien apartment acquire a stable and incremental value. Featuring high-end standards, Masteri Thao Dien penthouses are one of the top choices for on August 12’s demanding and affluent customers.

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